Herself Live Panel

June 10th at 10:30 AM PST for “Reflecting on Herself: A Dialogue for Change”
How can we advocate for women experiencing domestic violence and homelessness in our communities? Amazon Prime, in partnership with DoGoodery, invites you to attend a panel and live Q&A with three prominent activists for a conversation on domestic violence and its effects on the homeless crisis as they build on the themes presented in the critically acclaimed Amazon Studios film, Herself. On Thursday, June 10th at 10:30 AM PST, moderator Dr. NaJuana Lee (Director of Education, DoGoodery) and panelists, Amy Turk (CEO of Downtown Women's Center and Co-lead of the Domestic Violence Homeless Services Coalition), Denise Pinkston (Founder and President of the California Casita Coalition), and LaRae Cantley (Co-founder of the Housing Justice LA Podcast and the Lived Experience Life Consulting Co-op) will respond to the film and put forth their own ideas and experiences on how to combat the homeless crisis that disproportionately affects survivors of domestic violence.
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About the Panelists
Amy Turk, LCSW, is the Chief Executive Officer of the Downtown Women’s Center (DWC). Amy has held leadership positions in the field of social work and homeless services since 2001. Amy began her tenure at DWC in 2013 as the Chief Program Officer, where she administered all of DWC’s programs and social enterprise, fostered public partnerships with a resulting 110% increase in government funding, and housed 245% more individuals from 2015 to 2017 while maintaining a 95%+ housing retention rate across DWC’s housing programs. In 2018, Amy served as DWC’s Chief Innovation Officer, providing leadership in the development and implementation of new organizational projects and fostering vital relationships with community partners in efforts to end women’s homelessness. Appointed as CEO in early 2020, Amy has grown revenue by 15%, created a new three-year strategic plan, and is deepening DWC’s focus on social justice. In the 12 years prior to joining DWC, Amy progressively took on more responsibilities to assist women experiencing homelessness from case management to serving as Director of Daybreak, a project of The People Concern for seven years. Amy holds a bachelor’s degree in sociology from Pepperdine University and a master’s in social work from California State University, Los Angeles.
Denise Pinkston has over 30 years of experience in real estate and development including acquisitions, asset and construction management, marketing, leasing, planning/entitlements, transit and green building, planning management, housing policy, and public affairs. Ms. Pinkston directed Current Planning, Code Enforcement, Housing, and Redevelopment as the Marin County Planning Services Coordinator in California. Ms. Pinkston has been an instructor in real estate and planning at both San Francisco State University and Mills College. Prior to founding the Casita Coalition, Ms. Pinkston served as: Board Chair of MVGO and EmeryGoRound shuttles; Chair Bay Area Council Housing Committee; Chair & Vice Chair Berkeley Zoning Board; Moderator, MTC Committee to House the Bay Area (CASA); Member SPUR Housing Committee; Technical advisor on State bills to ease rules for housing and ADUs.
LaRae Cantley is a social justice activist and Co-Founder of a Consulting Co-Op centering subject matter experts' voices to design social services. She is the Co-Founder of Housing Justice-LA Podcast, St. Joseph Center Board Member, Domestic Violence & Homeless Services Coalition Lead Advocate, and Corporation for Supportive Housing SpeakUp! Advocate. LaRae leverages artistic expression to envision a future where everyone lives a life of quality.
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