Radioactive - Clip 2: Grape Fermentation Model

Excerpt from the Amazon Original movie Radioactive.

Teacher Note: In this clip, Marie Sklodowska (not yet Curie) and Pierre Curieare at dinner with friends, and Marie uses grape fermentation as a model to describe radioactivity.

Distribute Handout One: Experimentation and Discovery Note Catcher and have students take notes on what they see.

Group discussion questions:

  1. Ask the group to explain their understanding of radioactivity based on their investigations. The grape fermentation model in the clip is imperfect, as fermentation is a chemical reaction that changes a substance (sugar into alcohol), where radioactivity is a reaction that changes the element itself. Ask students to critically analyze the difference.
  2. Ask students whether and how the Curies’ investigations mirrored their own.

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Excerpt from the Amazon Original movie Radioactive.

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